Italian Furniture showroom at House of Italy
Capricio designer Italian furniture Prices and information

The Italian Furniture Showroom in the Midlands 

FIORE sofa suites.  Classic style and restrained elegance
FIORE 2 seater sofa classic style from Italy
FIORE 3 seater sofa classical style from Italy
As you enjoy the style and elegance of the FIORE sofa suite, you wil surely enjoy looking at our Classic suite which you will see when you CLICK HERE.  You should also have a look at our Firenze sofa suite, bothe the high back and the low back - CLICK HERE and HERE
You can see a lot more of this range by downloading the New EXCLUSIVE TOUCH catalogue - please note that if you have a slow internet connection, this download could take a couple of minutes or so, so think carefully before clicking HERE

We are retailers with a showroom in Cannock in the Midlands.  Many of our customers come from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham of course, Chester, York, Worcester, Oxford - in fact from all parts of England, Scotland and Wales - and yes, Ireland too.  From all over the UK

Italian furniture showroom in Cannock, West Midlands, England, UK is open to the public 7 days a week